Weaponized Interdependence

Panopticons and Chokepoints: Our Interview with the Wilson Quarterly

In the new issue of the Wilson Quarterly, Abe and Henry discuss globalization, surveillance, and security with Richard Byrne.

“Globalization wrought an irrevocable shift. Markets were liberated and made more efficient. Mutual advantages were mined from deep interconnectedness. The stakes of sovereignty and the effectiveness of coercive force seemingly were diminished. And yet, researchers largely continued to interpret these explosive effects within inherited conceptual architectures.

Scholars Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman now argue that globalization has created a much different world than its proponents and detractors have trumpeted. The new pathways of connection forged in recent decades are lopsided, extending vast powers of surveillance and coercion over markets and security to a few countries that control key strategic positions within these networks.”

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