Weaponized Interdependence

Yar Batmanghelidj on the mismatch between sanctions and economic understanding

“President Donald Trump’s economic war on Iran has had at least one positive impact. It has helped policymakers in the United States, Europe, and even Iran to realize the fundamental role that the economy plays in shaping how the foreign policies and national security strategies of Iran and global actors intersect. These actors are now scrambling to develop a more sophisticated understanding of Iran’s economy and a better package of measures to ease sanctions pressure. As part of this work, policymakers are calling upon the expertise of those individuals in Iran, Europe, and even the United States who possess insights about Iran’s economy. But if a deeper understanding of Iran’s economy is to truly underpin policymaking, institutional efforts will be required that improve how knowledge about Iran’s economy is produced and disseminated in three areas: business journalism, academic research, and corporate communications.”

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