Weaponized Interdependence

Global Times suggests FedEx is a target for China

Photo by Liam Kevan on Unsplash

“Yang Daqing, an expert with the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, told the Global Times, on Sunday, that “FedEx has a tacit understanding with the US government to block Huawei across the globe.” If the US courier service is willing to be another entity representing the US’ bullying at the cost of losing its integrity and clients, then it will not only lose ground in the Chinese market, but the whole world as well, said Yang. “It seems highly likely that FedEx will be added onto the ‘unreliable entities list’,” he noted. The list was announced by China’s Ministry of Commerce in May, which will target foreign firms and individuals that seriously undermine the legitimate interests of Chinese companies. “In this sense, the US’ waging trade war and its interrupting Huawei’s normal business will finally result in the destruction of its own firms,” said Yang.”

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