Weaponized Interdependence

François Heisbourg (former Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies) – “I can’t remember using the word “seminal” on Twitter before but it definitely applies to the Farrell+Newman piece, Weaponized Interdependence”

The Economist – “[It is tempting for] hardliners in Washington to “weaponise interdependence”, as Henry Farrell of George Washington University and Abraham Newman of Georgetown University put it in a recent influential paper.

The Economist (June 6 2019) writes about how: bottlenecks, and America’s direct or indirect sway over…

Tim Harford, Financial Times – “Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman have popularised the term “weaponised interdependence””

“Yet while a different president might act with more subtlety, the US seems unlikely to abandon…

Richard Byrne, The Wilson Quarterly., “”Weaponized Interdependence” … was the starter’s pistol for a fundamental reassessment of globalization’s impact on state power.”