Commiserations! You – like so many others before you – would like me to engage with your doubtless heartfelt views on the topic of race and IQ. Unfortunately, dismal past experience tells me that actual further conversation would almost certainly end up being a frustrating experience for both of us. To forestall us wasting each other’s time any further, I have written this post to let you know that our conversation is at an end. If you are on Twitter, I have muted you and if you have emailed me, I have changed my settings to send all further email from you to my trash folder. If, contrary to expectations, this would have turned out to be a good conversation, my sincere apologies – my loss no doubt. If you would like to know more about why I am skeptical in advance of your arguments you can look to the two posts below by my friend Cosma Shalizi (Cosma is far more intelligent than I am – hence my decision to outsource thinking to him). I recognize that you may be disappointed by my decision, but I assure you that it is a big Internet, and that there are plenty of other people for you to talk to. Have fun!

Cosma Shalizi – Yet More on the Heritability and Malleability of IQ

Cosma Shalizi – g, a Statistical Myth